Customs clearance

Globalization has increased the number and the complexity of customs procedures. Therefore, having a thorough understanding of the necessary documentation and customs processes for any type of goods is crucial when you plan a shipment.

Timat has earned the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification, recognising the standards of reliability and security of its international transportation activities by air, sea, and land. This status also allows Timat to operate a customs warehouse, a crucial service since every country has its own specific customs entry procedures and requirements. Our operators can efficiently handle all phases of the customs clearance process for both imports and exports, thanks to regular refresher courses.

Our customs services:

  • Customs documentation for all products imported, exported or in transit.
  • Permanent and temporary import and export.
  • Consulting and resolution of customs issues for any type of import and export services.
  • Management of VAT and customs warehouse procedures.
  • INTRASTAT declarations.
  • Ministerial authorizations.
  • Verification of export exit visas.
  • Assistance in obtaining authorized exporter certification and REX code (Registered Exporter system).
  • Customs and fiscal warehousing.
  • Ministerial authorizations for active processing traffic.
  • Consular visas and ministerial licenses.
  • Management of special regimes.
  • Active and passive processing.

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